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i'm Watch

「i’m Watch」が久々FB更新言い訳してます

i’m Watchの公式Facebookが一か月以上ぶりにウォールを更新しておりました。

i’m Watch deliveries starting from April 15th.

At last, here we are! i’m Watch has been highly awaited by all, but on the 15th of April the deliveries will commence for all customer-fans who preordered the first real smartwatch in the world.

Vicenza, March 26th 2012. i’m Watch will be delivered to all customers on the upcoming 15th of April.

The wait has been a little long, but the development and production of the first smartwatch in the world have been really hallenging. Not to mention the production chain, completely and proudly Made in Italy.

“For us, respecting the ommitment of the Made in Italy concept without exporting the production abroad was our first asset to base the production on – xplain Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini, founders and inventors of i’m Watch.

It is known the production in asian countries costs less and shortens the production times, but we firmly wanted to do everything in Italy and this has extended the development and production on a large scale”- they added.

But from April 15th the first customers will be able to receive their pre-ordered i’m Watch.


  • 4月15日から出荷が始まる。
  • イタリアで作った完全イタリア製だからここまで遅くなっちゃった。
  • ごめんね。








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